Create your own membership site with endless possibilities.

No need to hire a programmer, simply copy and paste a few lines of code and password protect your site in minutes.

Create password protected pages in minutes

Save time, save money, look more professional and start making income from your members.

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Simple Copy and Paste Set Up.

Easily add password protection and member only pages to Squarespace, Weebly, Yola, and more. GoPaywall offers seamless integration into your website, allowing you to add elegant login forms and user profiles. GoPaywall integrates with PayPal or Stripe as your payment processor.

Start selling subscriptions on your website in as little as 15 minutes!

Elegant Design

Don't clutter your website with a dated login system. GoPaywall integrates seamlessly into your existing website or website builder. Advanced users can use the GoPaywall user object in their own javascript code.

Works with pure html, Squarespace, Weebly, Yola, Blogger, Wordpress, Yahoo Sitebuilder, and many more.

Easy to Use

With our browse and protect feature you can browse your website in the GoPaywall dashboard and select which pages you want password protected. You can also choose which membership levels will have access.

Unlimited users, unlimited membership levels, unlimited possibilities. Create custom profile and registration fields.

Launch ready

Set up is a breeze, GoPaywall will integrate with your existing PayPal or Stripe account. Members can start signing up on your website right away! Your GoPaywall dashboard tracks your site revenue and user statistics.

Highly customizable forms, login, register, profile, and contact widgets are included.

Collect subscriptions
today with GoPaywall.

monetize your content

It has never been easier to set up a pay wall and start monetizing your sites content and features. Web designers can add password protected content to their html without having to write a single line of code! Cut down on your development time and cost while sticking to what you know best, design. Agencies can set up as many sites as they need and manage them from one centralized account.

GoPaywall can be integrated into many more website builders, and even static html web pages. The only requirements are to be able to paste code into the header of the page, and have javascript enabled.


30 USD

per month

Add additional sites for $3/mo per site

  • Unlimited Users

  • Unique Account Profile and Login Credentials for Each User

  • Unlimited Membership Levels

  • Stripe or Paypal Integration

  • Mailchimp Integration

  • Bulk User Import

  • Set Up Support

  • Email Notifications

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Easy Integration
Just copy and paste your provided GoPaywall code and your site will be protected in no time.
Great Features
A user friendly dashboard to track your payments and users. You will have complete control over which pages are protected and all of your membership levels.
User Interaction
Automated emails sent to users when they register and when payments are collected. You can customize the text of these emails in GoPaywall dashboard.

An easy comprehensive User Management System, Subscription Management System, Password Protection System, Client Dashboard, Income Dashboard

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